Another Round in Court for the Stamford 14


Yesterday, the 14 defendants arrested last fall at the UBS national headquarters returned to court. For six months and 5 hearings, the court system has been trying to squeeze tens of thousands of restitution out of us by making us come back for meaningless court dates until we cough it up. Not only do the codefendants not have the means to this outrageous amount, but we believe that scaring people in order to get the most money out of a case while showing complete disinterest in the details of the case itself is an abuse of the criminal justice system. Thankfully, on June 11th, the court system finally allowed all codefendents to pursue plea deals independently. One person, Katie Meyers, was able to settle her case with a disposition called accelerated rehabilitation. Restitution is now only being demanded of defendants who were actually on the crane, and the other 10 people will now be able to pursue dispositions to their cases at our next date, July 27th. We also want to remember that June 11th was the day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other long-term ecological prisoners. If you haven’t heard of them, read more about them here and consider sending a letter:

While we feel we have the responsibility to continue to attend future court dates if we are conscious about how activists and others will be treated by this court in the future, the money for travel to court is a large burden. If you want to contribute to offset these costs, please click here Thank you everyone for your engagement and support!



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